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Pink Sugar


Clarissa Johanna Staiger

Art Historian B.A. European Art History at Albertz-Ludwig-Universität Freiburg im Breisgau/ Germany

I worked for Auctionhouses

Lempertz in Cologne

Grisebach in Berlin,

and represent(ed) the Artists

Lin Evola (Peace Angels Project), based in L.A.

Jason Hackenwerth, based in Florida

Uwe Mueller-Fabian, based in Berlin.

Former German Federal Police Officer (17y) 

in the Diplomatic Service Abroad / German Embassies in Russia, Brussels, Iran.

I love to work.

I love meeting people.

& when I’m not in the big cities for art, sales, networking, I’m dedicated and in love with the countryside, - its ranch life, horses, cattle, and all the western riding disciplines .. and moving happy cows, happy steer, fixing fences, pure nature, physical work, deer, bull and rattle snakes, porcupines, loneliness.

Pink Sugar
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